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Solar Panel Financing

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There are a variety of finance options that are available to you when you are considering having a solar energy system installed. Since the upfront cost can be rather costly, many people find it necessary to finance their system. At Choose The Right Solar, we will discuss your finance options with you in detail. Once you have received a realistic estimate of the cost associated with installing your new solar panel system, you may have dismissed the idea of having them installed simply because you don’t think you can afford the upfront cost. Rather than counting it out altogether, give us a call and let us help by providing you with information that will help you make a well-informed decision.

Solar System Finance Options
Solar loans are good options if you want to own your system outright. You can finance part of the system or the entire solar system. Secured loans are offered that will enable homeowners to use their property for their collateral or an unsecured loan. When considering a solar loan there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Your monthly electricity bill savings should be more than you are paying on the monthly loan. If it isn’t, you are not receiving money-saving benefits as quickly as you could be.
  • Make sure you are saving at least 40 percent of your energy expenses for as long as you have your solar system.
  • Those who purchase their system outright are able to benefit from certain government financial incentives. Some solar loans interest is tax deductible. This offers you additional money-saving benefits.
  • Solar loan terms are similar to other types of home improvement loans.

We offer simple financing programs that make it easier than ever for individuals to purchase the solar system they need. These solutions offer homeowners the chance to manage the initial costs of a solar install, and were specifically designed for those with and without equity in their home, helping to further ensure that the system needed is within reach.

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Whether you're a home or business owner, electricity can be a big part of your monthly budget. Reduce or eliminate your energy bills by getting a solar panel system.
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The 26% Federal Tax Credit will no longer be available after 2022!

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