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How Solar Works

You could be creating your own solar energy in 8 weeks!

We make it easy to go solar

1. Sunlight and Your Solar Array
The sun is an incredible resource of energy! Solar panels soak up the energy the sun provides and converts sunshine into electricity.

2. Solar Inverter
Through the inverter, direct current (DC) power is converted from the solar panels into alternate current (AC) power for your home and/or business.

3. Battery
When you pair your solar system with battery storage, you’ll have continuous power to your home, even when the grid goes out.

4. Net Energy Meter
The meter keeps track of all the energy your solar power system produces. Any energy you don’t use goes to the electrical grid.

5. Utility Grid
When you have excess/unused electricity, it is sent to the utility company where you can sell your power during peak hours and get credits back to you at night or during cloudy days.

When it comes to solar, all systems are not created equal

Less than premium equipment and faulty installation can mean failed inspections, unreliable performance, shorter warranties, and unattractive equipment placed without any regard to the aesthetics of your home.

Quality Solar Panels

With quality solar roof panels, capture the sun's energy and dramatically reduce how much energy you use and pay for. With solar panel warranties by top panel manufacturers and supported by our highly experienced crew, you'll be in great hands.

Exceptional Support

We have personalized inside and outside sales support and can lend our experience to any size project. Count on Choose The Right Solar when quality & service really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard.

Cutting Edge Products

We provide the best products and services across the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. From cutting edge solar panels to home energy savings upgrades to custom built in-home energy monitoring services.

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The 26% Federal Tax Credit will no longer be available after 2022!

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